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Start Heating your home for as little as €0.20 a day

With the ever increasing costs in energy bills, why not look to use a simple, clean and very cost effective way to heat or cool your home. Why spend a fortune in energy bills heating your whole house in the morning when within an hour it is vacated. We can offer huge energy savings and give you the comfort and room conditions you require from as low as €0.20 a day.

Using the latest range of home air conditioning units you can have year round comfort at a very affordable price. Bedrooms, Lounges, Conservatories, other domestic rooms and offices are often too hot in summer and too cold in winter - our home air conditioning units can solve both these problems - and our units can be used in any room of your house. With user friendly hand held controls or scheduled timers our equipment can be easily operated, air filtration to prevent against allergens, irritants, and odors and with virtual silent operation making your home comfortable and protected against the outdoor elements.

Home air conditioning is easy to install with little or no disruption to surrounding areas.
Keep energy costs to a minimum and without sacrificing your comfort.

Call us today on 087 667 1401 for a free quotation.

A flawless finish is achieved so the equipment integrates perfectly with its surroundings

Only the latest and most economic equipment is used for any of our installations.

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